7 Astute Uses Of Video To Boost User Engagement On Your Website

When it comes to SEO and trying to rank your website as high as possible on Google and other search engines, there is no shortage of strategies, tools, and content types that you can use to bolster your results. Indeed, one reason many people fear trying SEO is that it seems to have so many moving parts that most have no idea where to start. If that is the case for anyone reading this, then one excellent solution is to get in touch with a local SEO agency that can advise you and should you wish them to, they can implement a comprehensive SEO campaign that can see your website shooting to the upper echelons of Google. One of the content types that they could include in that SEO campaign is video. Nobody can have escaped the huge influence that online videos have had, be that from children able to watch educational videos on a tablet or dramatic live coverage of news events being watched on mobile phones as they happen in real-time. Of course, those two examples are but a minute fraction of how video is used online, and within that, we must include SEO. To gain higher rankings, you must have great content and video can provide the medium you create and publish. Gone are the days when producing a video for businesses would require hiring studios, equipment, and personnel running to thousands of dollars. Today, a mere mobile phone is sufficient. Indeed, there are entire online businesses that have used videos to incredible effect and with massive success, and they have all been recorded on mobile devices, many of which were not even edited before being published. This should point you toward how simple it is to create videos to support your SEO. However, one of the primary goals of any video you publish, especially on your website, is user engagement (UX). Google’s ongoing obsession with UX means that the websites it ranks highly are the ones that invariably it sees as providing great experiences backed up by user engagement.