The Bridal Business Owner’s Essential Guide To Ranking On Page One Of Google

For those who run or own a bridal business, or indeed any business type, and whose business model or budget does not allow for lots of paid advertising, you are going to have to seek other ways to drive traffic to your bridal website. Thankfully, there is no shortage of low-cost traffic sources online, and one which is at the forefront of them all is organic traffic from search engines. With Google dominating the search engine industry, it is its rules and algorithm that everyone seeks to understand to know what Google looks for when it deems a website worthy of ranking on its coveted first page. Whilst officially, those details remain a secret, marketers and SEO experts have done enough research to give the business world a relatively good idea of what is required. So, based on the available information and data, we will give you a guide to ranking your website on page one of Google. Succeed, and you can expect increased traffic to your bridal website, increased sales, and best of all, increased profits. 3 Main Benefits Of Being On Google’s First Page #1 – You will receive more organic traffic to your website = More leads/prospects = More sales = More revenue. #2 – You have a huge advantage over your local competition as those searching online find you, not them. #3 – Your bridal business has increased credibility and brand awareness with consumers and those looking for bridal retailers. How To Retain Your Page One Status It is a fact that remaining on Google’s first page requires as much focus as getting there in the first place. To ensure you stay there for as long as possible, you must set up analytics for your website. By using effective analytics, you will be able to measure the actions and behaviours of those who visit your website. This allows you to optimise it further to keep Google’s algorithm happy. Specifically, you want to check how long visitors remain on your website once they land there, how many pages they visit, and if they are sharing, liking, or commenting on the content you have on your website.