The Risks Of A Poor Website Design For Your Business

Some business owners may not yet be convinced that they need a professionally designed website and are prepared to continue with their existing site, or worse, continue with no website and thus have no online presence at all. Their reasons may vary, but they may include not knowing where to find professional web designers or a fear that the costs of a new website may be beyond them.

We can address both right here, as Slinky has web designers and programmers who can build the website, and as for cost, we have packages to suit all budgets. We even have monthly payment options so that every business, regardless of size, can benefit from a new, professionally designed website.

If, even after these reassurances, you are still not convinced that a new website can benefit your business, it may be more appropriate to consider the risks to your business of a poor website and the damage that it can do. These risks are many and varied, but in each case, they either make it harder to attract new customers or, worse, can drive existing customers away.

Coupled with this are the additional risks of trying to cut corners. Instead of using professional website designers like Slinky, you opt for a cheaper option, like a freelancer on Fiverr, to design your website. Read More

How Does On-Page Optimisation Work?

On-Page SEO: Getting the Party Started Right on Your Webpage!

Hey, ever been to a house with great curb appeal? Where the lawn’s manicured, the picket fence’s gleaming, and the front door screams “C’mon in!”? That’s on-page SEO for you in the online world. Here at Slinky, we’re all about rolling out the red carpet for your virtual home, ensuring folks don’t just pass by but pop in and stay a while.

So, what’s on the menu?

Sprucing Up Your Title Tags

Imagine a book cover. Now, what grabs your attention first? The title, right? A title tag’s kinda the same deal for your website. Our team whips up these tags so they’re not only snappy but also drop hints to those search engines about what’s inside the book – ahem – your webpage!

Crafting Those Snazzy Meta Descriptions

You know those enticing snippets under search results? Yep, that’s a meta description! It’s your chance to lure in curious onlookers. Our wordsmiths get all crafty, ensuring these little previews are juicy enough to get that click.

Header Tag Magic

Headers aren’t just fancy titles; they’re the signposts in your content. We sprinkle these around like breadcrumbs, ensuring both readers and search engines know exactly where they’re headed. Read More

How To Maximize Your ROI From Digital Marketing

Whenever a digital marketing campaign is instigated, it will have several goals that the business owner will want it to achieve. Prime amongst them will be for it to realise a return on the investment that the business has paid to whoever is creating the campaign, which in most cases will be a digital marketing agency.

It is also possible that the business owner keeps their digital marketing in-house, as it were, whereby they have a digital marketing department. Nevertheless, those employees have salaries, and the digital marketing campaign will have costs anyway, so a return on investment will still be required whether the campaign is run internally or by an external agency.

Thankfully, digital marketing has several techniques by which an acceptable ROI can be achieved. Whether your team or a digital marketing agency are doing the work, you should know what these are. So, please continue reading, and you will see that we have outlined seven essential actions to maximise your ROI from a digital marketing campaign.

Clearly Define The Goals For Your Digital Marketing Campaign At The Outset

This essential action should apply not just to your digital marketing campaign but to anything you do within your business if it is to be successful. Read More

The Importance Of Content With SEO

We are not being overdramatic when we say that the importance of content in SEO is greater than just about any other factor that comes into play when trying to rank on search engines, especially on Google. Whilst Google never divulges the intricacies of its ranking algorithms, it has certainly made it clear, both by its public announcements and by the evidence seen by SEO experts, that it values high-quality content above all else.

That might seem like a bold statement, but given that Google’s overriding priority is to provide search results that give its users the closest answers to their searches, then send them to websites that provide the best possible experiences, it is content that will ultimately determine if Google’s aims have been achieved.

This is why Google’s insatiable thirst for original, entertaining, and informative content that provides its users with an outstanding experience when they consume that content has no limits. So, it is clear that content has a huge role to play in search engine optimisation, and what we are going to explore as you read on are ten of the most significant reasons why that is the case and why we can safely say content is king whenever SEO and better rankings are being pursued. Read More

What is Local SEO Anyway?

“SEO is about being where your customers are, and directing them towards solutions you offer them.” – Neil Patel

Remember the time when people actually used physical directories like Yellow Pages to find local businesses? Those times are long gone. Today, the first place people turn to find a local business is Google. You might be wondering how you can leverage this shift in consumer behaviour to your advantage. The answer is Local SEO.

What is Local SEO Anyway?

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an incredibly effective way to market your local business online. It’s not just about being visible when someone types your business name. It’s about appearing at the very moment your services are needed, all within a geographic location. That’s what we at SPE excel at—helping your business be found when it most counts.

Why Does Local SEO Matter?

Let’s paint a picture: Sarah, a busy mom, desperately needs to get her car serviced before heading to a family trip down south. She pulls out her phone and types “best car service near me.” Now, if your business shows up in that coveted top spot, Sarah will most likely choose you.

Our client, Tom Broomhead, the Shade Sails Manager at One Shade, had this to say about us: “Professional team of SEO professionals. Read More