10 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas For Drug Rehab Facilities

When you are managing a drug rehab facility, whether that be a day centre or a residential facility, you will doubtless have a list of tasks that you are responsible for throughout each day, each week, and every month. Some will be one-off events, others will be ongoing commitments, and one of them could be to oversee the marketing of your drug rehab business so that new clients are aware of the drug rehabilitation services you offer. Given that your skills, experience, and expertise are primarily in drug rehabilitation, it might be the case that coming up with effective marketing ideas is not the easiest of tasks for you. If so, then you join tens of thousands of other business owners and managers who are in the same predicament. As such, we thought we would help by highlighting no fewer than ten excellent and proven marketing ideas for your drug rehab facility, and better than that, they are all low-cost or even free so that you will not have to spend a fortune on implementing any of them. #1 – Create Your Google Business Profile: This is free, is created on Google, and allows you to display details of your drug rehab facility, including reviews and contact details, plus a description of the services you provide. It can also boost your website’s rankings on Google. #2 – Seek Referrals: Many business owners lose sight of the fact that their best advocates are those who have already experienced the services their business provides. In the case of your drug rehab facility, ask recent patients or their families if they will refer to you others who would benefit from your help. #3 – Participate In Community Events: The more your drug rehab facility is known to the local community the more people will get in touch when they or a loved one are seeking help. To enable this you should participate in suitable local events and possibly sponsor them for further positive publicity.