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Web Design
Our creative designers will make your brand stand out from the crowd. Your website will look great on either desktop or mobile devices. Talk to our designers today.
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Website Maitenance
We have website maintenance packages designed to help you worry less about your WordPress website, knowing it is being cared for by our professionals.

Recent Work

I’ve just had a look at the website and looks fantastic!! …Thank you so much for keeping to the rather short time frame – we are thrilled with the end result.
Tanya Hawtin / The Lawncare Man
I just wanted to say a few words of appreciation for the good job you and your guys have done on this project! It was a pleasure working with you!
Steve Uspensky / AlloySteel International
Wow it looks amazing, easy to follow and I especially love the ‘contact’, brilliant. Brilliant work, thank you so much for being so efficient and professional. Thanks.
Nadine Tomizzi / Tony Tomizzi Builders Pty Ltd

About us


About us

Our whole team share a passion for translating a great idea into an innovative user experience

Slinky Web Design is a professional web page design company with a simple strategy to produce beautiful web pages and gain for our clients, high ranking positions in all the major search engines, such as Google. We are a Google Partner company with the required expertise to provide you with a solution to stand out in your marketplace.

Responsive websites

Responsive web design allows optimal viewing of websites on a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors, laptops to mobile phones or tablet devices.

Over the past couple of years, responsive websites have become a hot topic in the online community and is fast entering the realm of standard practice. Responsive websites respond to their environment, which means websites should adapt their layout and design to fit any device that chooses to display it.

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    Thoroughly Tested
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Responsive Web Design

eCommerce websites

eCommerce websites

We are eCommerce website designers & developers based in Western Australia – servicing all of Australia.

Effective eCommerce is about strong technology and great marketing. SLINKY has been delivering customized eCommerce-designed shopping carts for clients of all sizes since 2000. The greatest challenge in building a successful eCommerce website is ensuring that the conversion rate of the website is high.

eCommerce & mobile devices

The simple fact is that people, and more importantly, customers, are changing the way they purchase goods and services online. For a start, the amount of information available to them is greater than ever before, so in advance of any purchase, they have the means to check out the company’s track record and, in particular, reviews from its customers.

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SLINKY. Comprehensive Strategies, Cutting-Edge Technology, and Creative Content.

Website content

What content should I have on my website?

The beauty of modern web design is that there are so many options available for content that you are almost spoilt for choice. Ideally, it would be best if you aimed to have a mix of content, and more desirable than that, a content mix that research shows is popular with the sorts of visitors you are hoping to attract to your website.

The most common type of content is the written word, which can serve several purposes. The first is that it engages your audience, provides them with information and advice, and hopefully entertains them if that is what it is designed to do.

Another benefit of written content is it provides Google with information on the subject matter of your websites and the keywords you wish to rank for. Text can also be used to create hyperlinks to other pages within your website or other websites as part of your SEO optimisation strategy.

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Website content

Website Development

Website development

What is web development?

Web development is a function that relates to the coding and programming of websites. In effect, web development is what builds the structure and functionality of a website, rather than the visual design of it. It might be regarded as a more technical function than the design, although that is not to say that designing a website doesn’t take a lot of skill and technical know-how.

For web development, several coding and programming languages may be used such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These not only allow the website to be built but once it goes live these programming languages enable the website to function. The functions can be many and varied depending on the size and complexity of the website.

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