eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce Website Design

You should be looking for an e-commerce design that offers the flexibility to fully integrate and drive your online business toward success.

eCommerce Web Design

eCommerceWeb Design
We can help you with either WooCommerce websites or Shopify eCommerce website solutions.

We will listen to your online objectives to fully understand your current and future requirements and incorporate them into the heart of your website.

We will design and deliver a powerful customized eCommerce design solution tailored exactly to your business to provide all the functionality you want and need in a long-term stable platform.

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Please review our eCommerce web design client testimonials and examples of our eCommerce work – including eCommerce websites, corporate solutions, and personal websites.

Ranking with eCommerce – SEO and eCommerce design


Ranking with eCommerce – SEO and eCommerce design

The SLINKY eCommerce engines are 100% Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly; however, achieving the best results requires expert optimisation.

Our SEO experts will work closely with you to ensure your website looks great and functions perfectly and, most importantly, drives targeted traffic to your eCommerce website that converts to sales.

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Slinky is the Ultimate eCommerce Solution, helping create incredibly powerful and flexible online stores

We are eCommerce website designers & developers servicing all of Australia.

eCommerce websites

We are eCommerce website designers & developers servicing all of Australia.

Effective eCommerce is about strong technology and great marketing. SLINKY has been delivering customized eCommerce-designed shopping carts for clients of all sizes since 2000. The greatest challenge in building a successful eCommerce website is ensuring that the website’s conversion rate is high.

Our shopping cart websites are designed with your customer’s needs in mind. Every website is custom-designed to suit your business identity and marketing strategy.

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At SLINKY, our search engine optimization specialists direct our eCommerce web designers, ensuring that the eCommerce store fulfills all the requirements of a website that produces results.


You have no limits concerning what payment processors you have on your website as it relates to its design and development. Where there may be limits is with regards to the location of your business, where your customers are (local, national, or worldwide), the types of payments you wish to take, and the parameters that your bank operates with.

You could set up payment processing, which means you can take direct credit and debit card payments on your website, or you might consider PayPal, which is one of the most popular online payment processing systems in the world. Whichever you decide, any and all of them should be able to be incorporated into your website design.

We have to start by saying that even the best website designs in the world can’t salvage a business if the products or services it is trying to sell are substandard or there’s no demand for them. However, for a business whose products already have an active market and are of sufficient quality, good website design can make a significant difference in its sales.

Apart from those benefits, we have mentioned in answers to other questions, such as better branding and SEO, a well-designed website can be the online showroom for your products.

Optimized product page layouts that have high-quality images and enticing product descriptions can help boost sales of your products, and if the entire website makes it easy for visitors to navigate, search for products, and, most importantly, make purchasing them a hassle-free process, then the results can only be positive for sales performance.

We do offer a number of marketing services to our clients, including those who have eCommerce businesses. If we were the ones designing and building your eCommerce website, then it would make the task of marketing easier, as we could ensure everything was optimized from the start.

Nevertheless, if you have an existing eCommerce website, we can advise you on how it could be optimized with respect to its ranking on the search engines. This would include providing you with a free SEO analysis upon which we would base our recommendations. Our SEO service includes keyword research, SEO for local businesses, Google Maps listings, obtaining reviews, and how to protect yourself from fake reviews.

Should you wish to accelerate your marketing using paid advertising, we have experts on hand to help you. We can optimize paid campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, and Instagram, including keyword research, click bidding levels, and split testing.

Beyond these, we also provide tracking and analysis of your campaign, ensuring that your ads are effective and that you get the best returns for your advertising budget.

Any eCommerce business that takes itself seriously and wants to progress must have visitor and sales tracking as part of its website’s infrastructure. The one that does it best, in our opinion, is Google Analytics, with one of its main benefits being it can integrate with other platforms such as Facebook.

We won’t get into the intricacies of how you set up all the specific tracking Google Analytics offers you, as this requires several steps, some more involved than others. However, once it has been set up, the advantages you will have over your competition, who do not track their sales conversion, will be huge.

Some simple ones will be being able to see the locations of those who buy from you, which could allow you to increase your targeted marketing campaigns to those towns, cities, or even countries, depending on where you sell to. This also means any budget you are allocating in relation to that market is better spent.

You will also be able to see which content within your website is having the biggest impact on your sales as visitors move from that content to purchasing. This shows that you should drive more traffic to that content and also that you should create more of that type.

Traffic from external sources can also be tracked, including paid advertising. Again, this allows you to increase the flow of traffic from the ones that are producing conversions by possibly increasing ad spending there while reducing it for those that are proving less successful.

The idea that customer service only ever involves large teams of people answering a bank of telephones needs to be put to bed immediately. Thanks to the internet, customer service, including for eCommerce websites, can be achieved better and more efficiently than that, and for a much lower cost too.

Your customer service can involve a number of elements that each provide the appropriate level of service required. One of the simplest is to include a comprehensive FAQ page, where you try to answer as many of the most common and most asked questions that your customers may have.

Social media is also a great way to communicate and help customers, so you might want to consider setting up a Facebook page. Even better than that is a Facebook group where customers can have their queries answered, not just by you and your staff, but by other customers, too.

Many businesses utilize customer service ticket software within their website where customers can write details of their problems and submit them. The key to this being effective is having the resources in place so that these tickets can be responded to and answered as quickly as possible, and ideally within minutes rather than hours.

Even better than the ticket system has a live chat on your website, whereby you have a team that can respond instantly and help customers there and then. A chat system can be incorporated into most website designs and is particularly desirable if you have customers in multiple cities or countries where telephoning would be impractical or expensive.

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